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  • Polystone Metal Rooster 9"W, 24"H

Polystone Metal Rooster 9"W, 24"H

$26.87 $34.67

Get 15% Off on STORE PICKUP



A look at it and it will melt your heart. Beautifully made, this Rooster looks no less than a real one. Painted in white it has a smooth texture. It has a glossy finish which will attract onlookers in no time. It is made from good quality materials, which will make It is tay in prim condition for ages. This rooster is well supported by a round base which helps you keep it on any surface. The artist has made the sculpture with great precision which is clearly visible in its appearance. Keep it in the garden or on the roof top just like the weather sign and it will certainly not go unnoticed.

Easy to clean and maintain too, all that it needs is regular dusting. You can also gift this classy sculpture to your friends who are RoosterLoves. They will certainly not mind keeping it in their home.


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