• Polystone TABLE STAND, 9"W, 19"H

Benzara Polystone Table Stand, 9"W, 19"H

$32.99 $36.95




Sturdy, exclusive and an amazing tabletop decor is this table stand. Well made from good quality materials, it will stay in topnotch state for many years. This table stand is durable and will match well with homes with a vintage theme. This stand features a flat base and a stand atop on which is a round ring which looks like its cutout from a tree. Keep it on any table of your choice in the living room, bedroom or entryway and it will certainly steal the show in your house. This stand can also be kept in the garden. There it will be noticed by every passerby.

Light in weight, it is easy to relocate. You can thus keep shifting its palace according to your need and convenience. You can also recommend it to your friends who would be interested in owning it. If you find this table stand perfect for your abode, get hold of it now!

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