• Quartz Silver Glass Gem 6"W, 5"H

Quartz Silver Glass Gem 6"W, 5"H

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Splash a hint of grey in your living room by bringing home this glass gem. Made from good quality materials, it will stay in pristine condition for ages. Place it anywhere and it is sure to be noticed by all. It is unique because it features a glass slab as base with stacked stoneware on it in grey. You can keep this glass gem in your office space too. Keep it on your desk or on the center table in the lobby for some visual interest, if you have friends who admire art in any form, you can gift this to them as well.

Light in weight, this glass gem is easy to maintain. All you need to do is, dust it with a dry cloth at frequent intervals to keep it away from dirt formation. You can also make good use of this decor to deck up your tabletops during parties and festivals. Find this decor useful you must bring it home at the earliest.

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