• Rich Kallie Set of 2 Airlifts Adjustable Stool

Rich Kallie Set of 2 Airlifts Adjustable Stool

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  • The extravagant stool measures 16.73 inch (W) ? 15.2 inch (D) ?33.61 inch (H)
  • It has a Cream Color magnificent Appearance
  • Ideal for sitting in the Home Bar

The luxurious set of Stools is unique in style. Both the stools have a comfortable wooden seat which is supported by the long metallic leg. This metallic leg is big in size and placed on a firm base. The metallic leg has a ring-like structure which is used to place one leg while sitting on the stool. The most important component of this stool is its adjustable pivot that is located below the seat. One can adjust the height of the stool as per requirement. The surface of both the stools is smooth and shiny which makes it very easy to clean and maintain.

The adjustable stool is ideal for placing in the home bar. One can sit peacefully and have a peaceful time with friends in the home bar. It can also be kept in the living room for sitting while watching television or chit-chatting with friends. Give a refresh look to your room by placing this interesting piece of stool.

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