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  • Round Stroked Metal Fancy Wall Mirror Leaf

Round Stroked Metal Fancy Wall Mirror Leaf

$99.38 $129.42

Get 15% Off on STORE PICKUP


This round shaped wall metal mirror can give your dwelling a fashionable and contemporary. Your house will no more look boring and dull with this metal wall mirror. Fix it on wall of any other place and increase the pride of your home. This mirror will help you brighten up your walls as well as room. Guests are just going to remain stunned by the beauty of this metal mirror.

Wrap it well and choose to gift it to your friends who love such beautiful piece of art. They are going to go crazy after looking at it and will use it for decorating their house. This metal mirror also proves to be a perfect gift apart from a home decor. So if you friend is having a house warming part at his or her residence do not forget to take along this metal mirror as it is simply pretty and gorgeous.


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