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  • Scintillating Bright Ceramic Black Dog with Antique Finish

Scintillating Bright Ceramic Black Dog with Antique Finish

$37.24 $41.71

Get 15% Off on STORE PICKUP


  • This bright piece of ceramic dog measures 7.75 inch (W) 4.25 inch (D) 8.5 inch (H)
  • Scintillating Black in appearance
  • It can take the central place in your living room

If you look carefully the first impression that you will get is that it?s a rabbit. Surprised! It has a small and round body structure. It?s sitting uniformly on the hind legs. It has long and broad ears with are projecting upwards and that?s the most important thing that is making it look like a rabbit. One more specialty of this dog piece is that it has been carved such that it has folded skin like structure. Its lower chin resembles like a pug dog?s chin. With all these unique quality it forms a special artifact. It?s all the different carving gives it an antique look.

The best place for this can be your living room. When someone visits your place, the first impression will be that it?s a rabbit! But with a closer look they will realize it?s a Black Ceramic Dog! Isn?t it interesting? So go and get it! Get a firsthand experience!


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