• Yosemite Home Décor Sequoia Collection 4 Lights Pendant Brown Lighting

Sequoia Collection 4 Lights Pendant Brown Lighting

$259.56 $341.39



  • This 4 Light Pendant Lighting measures 26.5''H x 21.5''W x 21.5''D
  • This 4 Light Pendant Lighting weighs 17.81 lbs
  • Alabaster frost glass

Adorn your dwelling this 4 lights pendant lighting which has a brown frame and is constructed of steel and glass. This well crafted pendant lighting indeed looks impressive and perfectly suits all kinds of home decor. You can choose to install this light in the centre of the ceiling space in your living or bedroom to give a modern touch. This lighting will give an antique inspired touch to the room it is placed in. Apart from beautifying your house with this, you can also choose to use it in other places.

Your house will no more be a dull looking place. Also, friends? and relatives will be surprised to see this beautiful 4 lights pendant lighting installed in your hallway. So surprise people, relatives and other family members by installing this. They will surely love this surprise of yours and will be glad as it will help them decorate their lovely dwelling.

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