• Smart Tall Artichoke Candle Holder

Smart Tall Artichoke Candle Holder

$21.91 $28.59



  • Dimensions: 6"h x 7"d
  • Finish: Washed In White
  • Made from quality materials

If flowers and plants entice you then you would love to add this Artichoke candle holder to your collection. In the shape of a globe artichoke is specie of thistle which is cultivated as food. This candle holder will indeed help you add beauty and warmth to your home. An exact replica of the original Artichoke a candle can be placed inside the hollow cavity in the center. Place it on top of a table shelf in the living room bedroom or patio. It is made of quality materials and hence will remain in prim condition for years; this white colored piece of art will suit all types of home interiors. Apart from getting it for your own house you can gift it to your near and dear ones on special occasions such as a house warming. This piece of art would help you decorate your living area and make it ready for any festival. if you find this candle holder a smart choice get it now.

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