• Snow Joe Plus 12-IN 10 AMP Electric Snow Shovel w/ Light

Snow Joe Plus 12-IN 10 AMP Electric Snow Shovel With Light

$130.95 $185.36



  • Dimension: 13.5 x 55 x 12.5 inch

Not your average Joe! The Snow Joe Plus 324E electric snow shovel is a compact yet lightweight tool that is ideal for quick snow pickups on patios, decks, steps and sidewalks. Packed with a powerful 10-amp motor, the Snow Joe Plus moves up to 300 pounds of snow in just one minute of use! Say goodbye to the gas can, the oil and the backbreaking shovel. The Snow Joe Plus makes snow removal quick, easy and effortless without polluting the atmosphere with toxic emissions. Featuring a durable 2-blade paddle auger, the Snow Joe  Plus throws snow up to 20 feet, clearing a path 11-inches wide and up to 6-inches deep with each pass. If you have been pounded with more than a 6-inch snowfall, you can still use your Snow Joe Plus. Start by removing snow off the top layer and then work your way down until you have a clear path to the ground.

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