• Soft Jackson Wool & Cotton Rug Rect by VHC Brands

Soft Jackson Wool & Cotton Rug Rect by VHC Brands

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  • Jackson Wool & Cotton Rug Rect dimensions (inches): 48 x 72
  • High-End Quality and Workmanship
  • Made from 80% wood and 20% cotton

This is the cool rug made mostly of wool and in a lesser proportion cotton. This rug?s size is just perfect for a smaller room and its design is simple but effective. Hence it will create a very unique and appealing effect. This rug has dark red, crŠme, navy blue and olive green: this combination of colors creates a very pleasing effect. Also, it woolen element creates a soft and luxurious feel. Because of its size it will be perfect for a room like a study or a library: and in them it will create a great and comfortable surface.

Spot clean only for a long life. Also, quality materials in its manufacture mean that it will last in tiptop condition for years. It can also make into a great gifting item. Conversations are sure to start and complements will be heaped on your for your choice. So why wait? If you want a great rug, this is the one!

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