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  • Stunning Azure Small Candle Hurricane

Stunning Azure Small Candle Hurricane

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Get 15% Off on STORE PICKUP


it is time to make the side tables and wall ledge, gain all the attention as you place this candle hurricane. Made from good quality materials it will remain in prim condition for years together. This hurricane has a glass holder dyed in navy blue. it is rested inside a copper stand which has three legs that curves at the end. The holder is cylindrical in shape and thus offers enough space to keep in any colored candle. Lighten it, and watch its light spread warmth and sheer grace everywhere. Keep it on the bathroom counter and window sill too would be a fine option.This hurricane can be kept on the side table, center table or dining table. If you wish to light up the patio area, arrange similar hurricane on the side table there. Guests are sure to find it istunning and will compliment you for your unique choice. So, when are you bringing it home?

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