• Stunning Erika Wire Urn Lamp

Stunning Erika Wire Urn Lamp

$115.92 $129.84



Having an urn shaped wired base, this lamp is a classic creation in itself. Made from good quality materials it will remain in prim condition for years. This lamp features a drum shaped shade in beige. The base in metallic brown complements the shade just perfect making it a lamp ideal for the living room, bedroom and guest room. Keep it on the side table in the sitting area, besides the bed in the bedroom and you can sense the sea of change in the ambiance. Near and dear ones paying you a visit will be alarmed to see this table lamp which is so unique.You can also recommend this lamp to people who are planning for a home revamp. They will certainly like it and will thank you for your esteemed suggestion. This lamp can also be gifted to your close friend on special occasions. Find it beautiful, bring it home right away!


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