• Sturdy Arden Terracotta and Iron Planter

Sturdy Arden Terracotta and Iron Planter

$275.07 $308.08



Huge, bold and captivating, this planter has its own sense of appeal. Made from good quality materials, it will stay in good condition for many years. This planter is washed in antique gold and has a glossy finish. The rustic look of this planter however makes it a part of a vintage decor family. The ring shaped handles at the front helps in carrying it with ease. This planter can be used to keep a planter or your favorite tall potted plant. Keep it in the garden or patio. If your backyard space looks lifeless, make this planter stand there. Visitors and guests will marvel at it and will appreciate you for bringing it home. You can also maintain it well by cleaning it with a soft damp cloth at regular intervals. Indeed this planter is something worth owning. So, do not delay and bring it home now!

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