• Stylish and Modish Wooden Grey Colored Trays

Stylish and Modish Wooden Grey Colored Trays

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  • This wooden set of three tray measures 13.5 inch (width) x2.72 inch (D) x18 inch (H), 11.75 inch (width) x2.75 inch (D) x15.75 inch (H) and 10 inch (width) x2.75 inch (D) x13.75 inch (H)
  • Easy way to serve
  • Must have kitchen accessory

Get these wooden trays home and add a new style to your kitchen accessory. Trays are basically used for variety of purposes. However, among the many uses of trays serving proves to be one of the important one. With these trays you can very easily serve guests coming for a visit to you house. During occasions and festivals these trays prove to be very useful for serving multiple people. In this way serving in trays also helps you improve your hospitality style.

If you are looking for a good tray, then you must simply but a set of these three grey colored trays. Carrying them is very easy as they have comfortable handles on both sides. Also you can easily clean these trays from time to time either by dusting dry or wiping with a wet cloth. So if you are very much impressed by the style of these trays, simply get one soon.

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