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  • Stylish Oversized Wall Clock

Stylish Oversized Wall Clock

$108.10 $121.08

Get 15% Off on STORE PICKUP


  • Dimensions: 30.25"d
  • Brilliant home decor
  • Made from quality materials

The perfect fixture for home with a vintage touch will be this oversized wall clock. Perfect look stunning finish and appealing handcraft makes it a decor not worth missing. In a rustic brown hue this well constructed clock is round in shape and has an open back. Roman numerals encircle the hour minute and second needles which is in the centre of a wooden brown hue. Beautiful scrollwork in the interior makes it a pieceto own.Add it to any wall in the living room patio or entryway and it will make friends entering exclaim wow. The clock not only will add color but elegance too. Light in weight the clock is easy to install. Apart from getting it for your use you can also recommend it to close ones who love owning such antique wall clocks. Indeed a rare to find piece get it soon at once.


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