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  • Sun Joe Sharper Electric Stringless Trimmer

Sun Joe Sharper Electric Stringless Trimmer

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The Sun Joe Sharper SB601E Electric Stringless Trimmer/Edger offers effective cutting performance without the hassle of traditional string trimmers. Its maintenance-free blade and trademarked, two-in-one Twist-N-Groom design allow you to trim weeds or edge your lawn without stopping to re-spool. In addition, its lightweight body and adjustable, ergonomic handle keep you comfortable while you work. Sun Joe's patented Sharper Trimmer takes the hassle out of setting up, cutting, and maintaining the trimmer/edger. You never need to worry about difficult and time-consuming re-spooling, melted line, or uneven feeding. When it does come time to change the quick-change knob makes it fast and easy. Featuring a safety switch that prevents accidental start ups to, the SB601E is designed to keep you safe while you work. Offering an ergonomic handle and a telescoping shaft that allows the tool to be adjusted to fit your height.

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