• Superb Piece of Mona 24" Cushion Saddle Seat Stool by Winsome Woods

Superb Piece of Mona 24" Cushion Saddle Seat Stool by Winsome Woods

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  • This excellent piece of stool measures 17.93 inch (W) ?15.83 inch (D) ?29.69 inch (H)
  • It has Dark Black Color Appearance
  • Ideal for space saving

The old and ordinary stool has been replaced by this beautiful and excellent piece of stool. The change is in its seat pattern. The saddle seat has a comfortable cushion covering and this seat is supported by four leg structures on each side. Each of the legs are long has a special pattern of rods on each side. The rods are placed in an uneven pattern that makes the stool look fabulous.

The saddle seat stool can be used anywhere in the house. It is moderate in weight and hence can be shifted easily as per requirement. It can either be used in the kitchen to sit and cook comfortably or it can also be used in the living room or garden. This unique piece is rare to find, so hurry up! Come and get one for your home. You can experience its benefits share with your friends and relatives.

  • Attractive carton measures 17.93 inches (W) x 15.83 inches (D) x 29.69 inches (H)
  • Antique walnut finish
  • Made of solid durable wood

Bring home these three cartons and add charm to your kitchen space or living area. These three cartons features stool with antique walnut finish. These cartons can also be added to your dining area to dine with style else to your living room to just have a get together in the evening or when guests arrive.

You can invite guests and make them dine on these prestigious cartons whilst making them sit on other smart cartons. They?ll be obliged to park themselves on these cartons and will appreciate you for adding such a style statement. These cartons screams elegance and worth owning one. Put an end to your thoughts and get these cartons right away. These cartons are definitely a must have. Did you get one?

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