• Supreme Anchor Large Handpainted Vase by IMAX

Supreme Anchor Large Handpainted Vase by IMAX

$42.68 $47.81



  • Dimensions: 16.00 H x 6.00 W x 6.00
  • For the sailor in you
  • Made from quality materials

Do you love sailing? Hence do you love the oceans, and decor items that are themed or inspired by them? Well, if you answered in the affirmative then you will adore this Anchor Large Handpainted Vase that is a magnificent creation. Simple and lovely in design and looks, this vase has been made using quality materials; hence it will last in pristine condition for years to come. It features a plain design with the shape tapering towards the opening. You can use this vase to keep a bunch of flowers, apart from keeping it as a display item by itself. This vase will add its own element to the flower display. White tulips will look awesome in it. It can be kept in the living room or the study, or even the library. All who see it will be impressed and hence compliments will be received and conversations are sure to start. Indeed, its beauty is unbeatable.


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