• IMAX Supreme Sadie White Wooden Mirror For Home Decor

IMAX Supreme Sadie White Wooden Mirror For Home Decor

$169.09 $189.39



  • Dimensions: 36 H x 36 W x 1.5
  • Color: Round in shape
  • Made from quality materials

Art can be imbibed in almost anything. And a mirror is no exception to that rule. In fact a mirror is something we look at often and so it must be designed in a way that makes it appealing. This Sadie White Wooden Mirror is a creation that has a rural feel to it. Made using quality materials, it promises to last in great condition for years to come. It features a border that is thick and gives the feel of white paint. You can display this mirror at various spots around your home: from the wall in the living room to the bedroom or the passage way. Indeed, it will be a conversation starter. You can also make it into a unique gift for near ones. A person with artistic leanings will find it a pillar of inspiration. So get this conversation starter today, and see it make the crucial bit of difference.

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