• Tanned Deluxe Hammock Pillow by Alogma

Tanned Deluxe Hammock Pillow by Algoma

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  • This deluxe hammock pillow measures 33 inch (L) x 15 inch (W) x 7 inch (H)
  • It comes in a Marlin Linen Tan (Brown)
  • Artistic hand painting on itPillow cover is made of washable weather treated fabric

A perfect pillow for a hammock next to a beach, as one gets tanned in the rareness of a bright and beating sun. This pillow will make you relax in a way that ordinary pillows Do not because it is made of super soft material. This experience, you?ll realize, will be unmatched by other similar product in the market. Made using the best quality materials, it is thus bound to resist wear and tear.

Its removable cover is made of washable weather treated fabric, making it endure the rough and tumble of washing machines and dryers. It comes complete with rope tie-offs for easy attachment. So if you love the beach, gift yourself or your loved ones this pillow, and get a tanning experience with a pillow whose look is tanned.

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