• The Rock 10'' Grill Pan With S/Swire Handle

The Rock 10'' Grill Pan With S/Swire Handle

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Nothing Sticksnever Warpslasts Longer . Starfrit?S The Rock 10" Grill Pan With S/S Wire Handlehas Asurface Treatment That Hardens The Base And Leaves A Slight Dimpled Texture. The Harder Surface Ensures Outstanding Durability And Heat Transfer Performanceswhile The Dimpled Texture Offers Better Scratch And Wear Resistance. The Thick Forged Aluminum Construction Allows Quick And Even Heat Distribution And Ensures Optimal Performance Even On High Heat. The Rock Collection Comes With A Lifetime Warranty Against Warping. The Reinforced Non-Stick Coating Has A Superior Release Performance And Better Scratch And Wear Resistance And Comes With A 10 Year Warranty. The Cast Stainless Steel Handle Is Riveted And Allows Use In The Oveneven Under The Broil.

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