• Trendy PS Stacking Animals

Trendy PS Stacking Animals

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it is time to bring home all the farm animals in the form of this stacking animal figurine. Made from good quality materials this figurine will stay in topnotch condition for a long time. This figurine features a cow on which are stacked a pig, goat and a hen. Painted in white, each of the figurines has brown spots all over. These figurines are well made which make them look no less than real animals. Make it a part of your farmhouse, or garden space. You can also keep it in your hallway or at the porch. It is one such unique figurine which every visitor would want to have a look.

Kids are sure to love this figurine and will demand keeping it in their room. If you have a verandah you can keep this sculpture there as well. Bring it home or gift it to your friends it is your call!


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