• Valera Framed Oil Painting

Valera Framed Oil Painting

$217.78 $253.73


Walls too can look adorable and if you wish to give it a hint of natural look; this oil painting will help you do so. Made from good quality materials, it is sure to be in shipshape condition for ages. This painting features an autumn inspired tree on a frosty backdrop. Brilliantly painted, the artist indeed makes you visualize a golden brown tree on a cold winter morning. On a rectangular frame, you can mount this painting on any wall in the living room, bedroom or hallway. Also close ones paying you a visit will marvel at it and appreciate you for bringing it home.Light in weight and easy to maintain wipe it with a soft cloth at frequent intervals to keep it away from dust. If you have longed to bring home a unique masterpiece, this si the one you must choose. So, bring it today!

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