• Warrington Faux Leather Accent Table

Warrington Faux Leather Accent Table

$110.54 $150.42 ( 27% off )


  • This table measures 14 inch (W) ? 14 inch (D) ? 26 inch (H)
  • It has radiating brown color appearance
  • Ideal to place in the living room
Description :

The accent table is one of its kinds. Studded accents and a sleek alligator embossed faux leather texture make this accent table a unique table. Gold studded accents line the edges of this modern side table to accentuate the narrowed middle of the table. A spacious platform serves as the perfect area to rest a cup of coffee or your favorite book .It has smooth and shiny surface that makes it easy to clean and maintain the table.

Perfect for any room, this glamorous accent table is a perfect compliment for your home. The practical size and function works as well in the living room as it does bedside. The slender design makes this table the perfect end table for your couch. It is moderate in size and does not require much space. You can also gift this table to your near and dear ones. They will surely be glad to get this one. You can also try using this table in your home office for a simple change that will make fill feel rejuvenated.

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