• Watchful and Cautious Ceramic Black Dog

Watchful and Cautious Ceramic Black Dog

$41.55 $46.54


  • This masterpiece measures 10.75 inch (W) ? 6.22 inch (D) ? 8.54 inch (H)
  • Shiny Black color in appearance
  • This masterpiece can be the best among the entire artifact on your shelf

The glowing surface of this ceramic black dog makes it stand among all the artifacts. The way it has been carved is unique. It is sitting in the comfortable position with its ears wide open. It seems that it is keeping an eye on something! The softness of this ceramic dog is visible clearly from the position of its tail. With its stern look, it has kept its tail curled up!

This beautiful piece is light in weight comparatively and occupies fewer places. It is suitable for shelf as well as other places in the house like side tables. It is catchy since it has shiny Black color. Its unique carving along with its beautiful color can be a perfect gift for your family and friends.


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