• Benzara Stylish Wood Beach Sign in Marine Theme with Net and Marine Life

Wood Beach Sign in Marine Theme

$20.28 $22.72



  • Attractive beach sign to enhance decor
  • Made of high quality wood
  • Attractive colors
  • Marine theme with net and marine life

Visually appealing and sturdily designed, this beach sign also serves as an excellent wall hanger to enhance the home decor. This piece adds value to the wall space it occupies with its lively features and colorful display. The beach sign is made of high quality wood and ensures the endurance to grace your home for a long time without any damage. The beach letters are carved stylishly in brown and blue colors and add to the attraction. The letters stand boldly on the wooden arrow that is finished in bright white and tipped with blue. The piece is accented with a marine theme that is recreated using a net and marine life images. The net is tied around the signboard while a couple of clams and an orange crab cling to the net. This signboard can be displayed as a worthy art piece with its excellent workmanship and overall design. It comes with following dimensions:

  • 20" W x 1" D x 7" H
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