• Wood Leather Silver Box Set-2 8", 10"W

Wood Leather Silver Box Set-2 8", 10"W

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Most of the time we have to choose between style or quality, which is of course a very hard decision to make. But you don?t have to comprise when it comes to these Beautiful and stylish boxes. Made from tough quality wood, it has finishing of high quality smooth leather, which ultimately makes it unique decor to have. Since these boxes are light in weight, they can be easily relocated as per your convenience. These boxes can be used to keep clothes or your precious jewelry or may be in the living room to keep the things that you use frequently such as keys, or magazines.

The artistic work done with the leather is just mesmerizing and surely will be one of the most eye catching decor of your collection. The best thing about this box is its leather quality. It will surely be in prime condition for long time. You can use a cloth to clean the box and keep it free from dust. So if you wish to grab this amazing multipurpose set, bag it before It is too late.

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