• Wood Metal Bar Stool 16"W, 30"H

Wood Metal Bar Stool 16"W, 30"H

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Stop searching for a simple yet classy bar stool when you have this one right here. One of the finest bar stool you must have never come across till date is this wood metal one. Crafted from premium quality material, this bar stool is sturdy by nature and will last for years. The legs of this stool are dyed in silver hues and the seat is round in natural wood. The legs of this stool are sturdy and the center features a leaver at the center which will help you adjust its height according to your need and convenience.

This bar wood metal stool can be part of your bar sitting or normal sitting arrangements. The color and style of this stool will compliment majority of house interiors. If you liked it and want couple of similar bar stool for your home bar as well as bistro you must wait no more and order this one now!

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