• Woodrow Wear Power Paws Advanced Large Blue / Red Heart 2.38" - 2.75" x 2.38" - 2.75"

Woodrow Wear Power Paws Advanced Large - Blue

$26.00 $36.80


Power Paws are the only sock solution available in 13 sizes across two-foot shapes! This ensures a great fit for virtually all breeds and all dogs from 6 pounds to 240 pounds. The Advanced socks are the only product available that offers a reinforced toe -- a feature that is useful for dogs with long nails, and those with neurological issues that might involve tapping a toe or dragging a foot. (See Power Paws Reinforced Foot for a ruggedized whole foot area). Power Paws are a year 'round outdoor solution for protecting paws from the elements. In the summer, they protect paws from scorching pavement and other hot surfaces. In the winter, spray Power Paws with Scotchgard or another waterproofing spray to keep the paws warm and dry while keeping snow, ice, and salt off paws. All year, but especially during spring and fall allergies, Power Paws are the only non-drug solution for dust, dirt, grass, and pollen issues. They also help keep paw wounds clean while providing air flow for healing.

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