• Yosemite Home Decor Flush Mount Lighting Series Adorable 1 Light Flush Mount in Venetian Bronze

Flush Mount \ Series Adorable 1 Light Flush Mount in Venetian Bronze

$29.05 $41.12



This 1 light flush mount is something that you must choose to install in your house. This light has a Venetian bronze finish and is constructed of durable steel and glass. The 1 light flush mount light has a white alabaster marble glass and you can choose to install this light in any room of your choice. With this light, you will find your room brighter than before. Also, friendsand other visiting your house will appreciate you for this light. Apart from indoor use you can add this light to your terrace, lawn, garage etc.Constructed of quality materials, this 1 light flush mount will last on good condition for a long time. If you have been thinking of adding a bright light to your living space, you can choose this one. Indeed you can feel the difference in your ambiance after installing this light. So, get one soon if you need one.

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