• Zoe Citrus 11' Reversible Quilted Hammock by Alogma

Zoe Citrus 11' Reversible Quilted Hammock

$130.29 $184.42



You will fall in love, again! No, not with another human this time, but with the Zoe Citrus reversible quilted hammock, that will add a dash of loveliness to your relaxing experience. Similar pattern on both sides has the advantage that the second side can be used after the first has been soiled. The quilted design ensures that there is padding between the two sides, which gives warmth and stability to the hammock. A non-tilt sculptured design ensures the hammock is stable and does not tilt or turn all of a sudden. Having a weight capacity of 350 lbs ensures that the hammock does not snap under duress. Its claws are made of a poly rope giving it greater strength.
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