An Inexpensive Way to Give Your Home A Taste of Nautical Themed Decors

Sea is always a mesmerizing feeling with the cool breeze, cold waters & and sandy shores. The bright colors of the sea and the sky can make any place more cheerful than ever. And that same feeling can be brought into our houses to create an ambience which we used to feel during our childhood days with the use of this nautical décor items & accessories.

A classical style featuring beauty & elegance. Nautically themed home decors create a lovely impression on both the giver and taker. Decors of this kind create a magnificent appeal in the interiors & exteriors. The first thing which comes to mind as we hear the word nautical is the water-related scenes such as beaches, marine life, starfish, ships and sailors. And whatever products of décor we get from all these options, we should be able to settle the right product in the right place of the houses for a better experience and for a better utilization of the product.

Nautical means anything related to the sailors & navigators and so are the nautical items. Earlier in times a wide variety of products were designed & developed to provide the ultimate facilities to the people of the sea, the sailors. These range of products consisted of bells to lamps, charts to clocks and even tables to decorative items. This kind of products was carried onto the ships to provide comfort to the sailors on the journeys that took months or even years. These products have lost its original function but have not lost its charm & aura and that is why the people with a keen eye for decoration craves for these products for their uniqueness, creativity, style or design and productivity.

Telescope with Wooden Box - 

Pullout Telescope with Wooden Box

Imagine yourself as a true pirate and search the horizon for ships to plunder or new worlds to explore with this lovely showpiece telescope. Every person needs a telescope to search for new lands or spaces and this brass and chrome made “pull out telescope” with wooden box will be a perfect alternative to the product used by sailors. Use this product for finding new lands while you travel or even keep it in your table as a decoration object.

Dalvey Style Compass - 

Dalvey Style Compass

This multicolor dalvey style nautical compass made of premium grade brass comes in a unique look and will give you a feeling of an explorer. This is one of the most sought-after antique models. Its sturdy cover makes it safe from shocks & impacts that it may get from falling or direct hitting. It doesn’t need any maintenance. Its gorgeous antique finish can attract any nautical décor lover. You can carry it while you travel and even can keep it on your desk or table for decorative purposes.

Royal Aluminum Magnifier 2 Assorted - 

Royal Aluminum Magnifier

These magnifying glasses come in two assorted colors of silver and gold are amazingly useful. Made with the use of quality aluminum and glass, this magnifier promises to last flawlessly for many years to come. The shape of this magnifiers is sure to remind you of a real fish. The glided nature of their bodies makes them extra appealing. This classic shaped product will look perfect in a home with traditional themes. You can use this magnifier to read documents with small text.

Alidade Telescope Compass - 

Alidade Telescope Compass

This alidade telescope compass in silver color will be a fabulous table or shelf accessory and would prove to be a great addition to your home décor. This nautical telescope is crafted from durable materials namely brass and Sheesham wood that would keep the product in top-notch condition for ages. This product comes in a shiny finish and is made on a sturdy round wooden base. This product will be easy to clean & maintain. Keep this in your drawing space, study table or veranda and give your house a touch of gorgeousness.

Brass Hand Bell with Wooden Handle - 

Handcrafted Brass Hand Bell With Wooden Handle

This handbell is handcrafted, and hand tooled of brass & wood. This item is designed to precision and produces a clearly audible sound. This brass hand bell with wooden handle gives it an excellent grip and is loud enough to call family at dinner in your house. The product comes in a gold and brown colored finish and is traditional in design & it can also be used as a tabletop décor.

Imperial Prussian Helmet - 

Pickelhaube Officer Imperial Prussian Helmet

The German pickelhaube officer helmet is made of leather, brass, metal trim & fittings which adds great strength to its overall construction. Comes in a color combination of the black and gold this product will be a great accessory for any classic police costume. This pickelhaube helmet comes with a spiked top and a Prussian symbol.

Wooden Decorative Ship Wheel - 

 Wood Decorative Ship Wheel

This decorative ship wheels are handcrafted from Sheesham wood comes with a brass center and in brown color. It has eight spokes skillfully turned and assembled with plugged screw heads. The brass center hubs have uniform sized holes and machined key ways. It will add a distinctive style to your décor settings as it can be fitted to the walls of living, office spaces and even restaurants & cafes.

Set of 2 Globes with pedestal - 

Steel Set Of 2 Globes With Pedestal

This set of antique globes are designed elegantly of steel and will adorn the beauty of your house. The steel rings intersect to create this intricate, yet sizable set of sculptures. You can place the set of two together on a mantle or console table or display them separately on a bookcase to create a visual balance.


A well-decorated house can give us the positive vibes which are required to compete in life & achieve every goal. Decorating & designing your house with various decor collection from the range of nautical themed products can take your home to a new height and provide you with that extra pinch of uncompromising style & sophisticated living. So, hurry up and get the products of your choice from the limited edition collection available in the portal of Casagear that too in an affordable price range.

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