Easy Thanksgiving Decor Ideas 2020: Make Your Home Holiday Ready!

Thanksgiving day decorations

November is here! What better way to enter the holiday season than by sharing our homes with others? Here’s all you need to do on Thanksgiving - Enjoy your time with family, friends, and holiday food.

When it’s your turn to host a grand celebration this year, try these easy Thanksgiving decorating ideas to make your home holiday ready. Set the scene for a perfect holiday celebration with our fun & creative decorating ideas for Thanksgiving, including ornate centerpieces, table decorations, home accessories, and more.

From entering the front door to sitting at the dining table for meals, we’ve made a list of simple ideas for easy indoor thanksgiving decorations that will enhance your celebration.

Lattice Cutout Patterned Ceramic Lantern with Rope Handle

A combination of fresh flowers and warm lighting is key for a perfect festive celebration. Use classic lanterns to create a charming ambiance outdoors or wherever you have extra pockets of space indoors.

Everything should come into play the moment your guests walk through the door. Small details such as the perfect decorative light for rooms are the secret to stunning & stylish thanksgiving home decorations.

Textured Ceramic Vase with Pine Needle Design

To make your Thanksgiving table decorations a bit more special, use decorative table centerpieces to display your favorite blooms, such as a fancy ceramic vase. It’s a fun and festive way to add personality to your decor.

Place a dramatic centerpiece on your dinner table with showcasing your greens & florals for an unexpectedly rustic touch.

Trendy 3pc Led Candle-12 Changeable Colors

Short on time? An array of shining Candlelights on your Thanksgiving table can light up the entire room in minutes. You will always want to add more of these beautiful pieces all over for well-lit and illuminating table decor. Mix and match them with elegant floral decorations for the best look.  

JACY 6 Tiffany-style 1 Light Butterfly Accent Table Lamp

Pair something completely unexpected like a decorative accent table lamp—with your bookshelves, fireplace, coffee table, or any other place at home for a look that brings the best of both worlds and are a wonderful addition to any room or office. 

Sitting French Bulldog Figurine with Pricked Ears

Bold colors and organic shapes make decorative statues & figurines the ultimate Thanksgiving decorations. You can place them on an entryway table, on a stack of coffee-table books, on a fireplace mantel among framed family photos, or wherever else you want them to be!

Round Ceramic Vase With Engraved Double Diamond Pattern

Dress up your living spaces with decorative vases with flowers in classic autumnal shades—think saturated oranges, browns, taupes, burgundies, and yellows that enhance the natural beauty of the season. Go a step further by choosing your home accessories that come in Thanksgiving-themed prints, shades, and textures.

Alluring Ceramic Oil Diffuser With Leafy Pattern Cutout

Enjoy an amazing aromatic experience with your guests and feel the peaceful scents seep throughout your home with this decorative oil diffuser from Casagear. Whether it is a special thanksgiving dinner or a small gathering, you can rely on these unique pieces to spread a beautiful aura along with a sweet fragrance you will never forget! 

Metal Horse Wall ArtLooking for an easy way to incorporate a dose of style into your holiday wall decor? The best way to add drama to your traditional holiday decor is to layer up your bare walls with decorative wall art like paintings, sceneries, or portraits.  

For more ideas & inspiration for Thanksgiving home decoration, visit Casagear Home to find stylish furniture & home decor accessories for your abode. Show us your Thanksgiving decorating ideas by dropping in a comment below!

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