Furniture Trends 2020: Key Ideas to Update Your Homes!

Every new year brings new trends, designs, and styles in home decor. With the beginning of a fresh era, comes a good opportunity to update your space. What's trendy and popular in-home design changes constantly, which keeps things fresh and interesting. As we alter according to the changing times, it is time to require a glance at what to expect.

Home Decor & furniture trends will help inspire you for your next big makeover project or renovation, but that does not mean you have got to ditch all of your existing decors. Instead, pick pieces and elements that you simply can easily incorporate into your home to form the design your own.

Regardless of what you’re looking to redecorate, the most recent home trends for 2020 bring inspiration for you. From the color of the year to incorporating furniture in a very space, these eight home decor trends and quick tips offer easy home decor updates that you’ll love!

Sleek & Dark Shades!

Well- Designed Bar Table With Wall Unit With Wine Racks

Darker shades have always proved to be a major home decor trend. These strong and dramatic color makes it a good grounding element for contemporary and modern spaces. From incorporating dark-colored furnishings in a white kitchen to adding functional furniture in a sleek room, this color can change up your space.

For more contrast, combine them with decorative pieces of high contrasting color, like white — an always-classic pairing. They also offer the opportunity for increased texture in a space, such as this stylish & functional bar table cum wine rack is doing for space.

Nature Inspired & Patterned Furniture! 

Vesta Bird Collage Print Settee

Show off your adventurous spirit with jungle printed designs that inspire your maxima list side. Mix in smaller pieces like chairs, cabinets, and ottomans along with your favorite neutrals to feature intrigue without overwhelming your space.

If the thought of flower-power causes you to flinch, then 2020 might just be the year you alter your tune. Floral print accents and furniture has been around for years and you'll still see the beautiful pattern but with a far more modern update with this multicolor patterned settee.

Traditional & Vintage Chic!Vaugh Traditional Wing Accent Chair In Nail Head

Vintage & Old is back in fashion — especially when it comes to home decor & furniture trends. One thing we're starting to see is more of vintage and traditional detailing in accents.

The classic neutral palette remains fashionable, but you can take it up a notch by adding a tinge of traditional and vintage style. Eclectic designs, leather upholstery, dark wood, and textured fabrics add variety and visual interest to new furniture. Adorn your space with this luxurious accent chair within the guest room or dining room or bring it into the bedroom for a bold refresh.

Something Out-Of-The-Box!

Wooden Floating Shelf with Metal Mesh Design

Unique decor furnishings still dominate in home decor trends, creating an impact of newness and style while standing out in the eyes of your guests. You’ll increasingly see them incorporated into home renovations to provide a sense of luxury.

Adding them to your interiors can add warmth and comforting textures to any style. For instance, these Floating Shelves from Casagear can be accented with natural materials in almost any room in your home.

Mirror, Mirror on The Wall! 

Holton Decorative Mirror

Decorative mirrors tend to be a favorite choice for bathrooms and entry areas. Small in space, this wall decor accent adds interest and whimsical charm as well. If the commitment is daunting, remember there are many different creative & alluring options to play with. The beauty of these pieces is its ability to morph, adapt, and incorporate influences that enhance style and function.

Upgrade Your Kid’s Room! 

Rhinoceros Shape Wooden Storage Ottoman

Kid’s room is one of the places where we can be more carefree and creative with the decor. However, it is also important to consider safety as a very essential element when choosing something be it furniture or decorative piece.

When it comes to furniture, mostly bright-colored, round-cornered, and creative pieces are the best to go with. Not only does it improve the vibe of the space but also makes it a fun area for your little ones to spend time in!

Metal Is the New Modern! 

Stylish Nesting Tables Set

Branch out from classic designs with metal pieces or elements with all the sleek features and elegant shapes. Try intricate metalwork pieces for an industrial or farmhouse space or look forward to glimmering brass, silver, or gold to add visual appeal to a mid-century or glam room.

Luxury & Comfort Like Never Before! 

Stanford II Sofa Chair

If you ever dreamed of having a luxurious and comfy sofa chair but never really liked how big and bulky many of the traditional versions looked, this is the right time to finally make your wish come true! This sofa chair from casagear is really popular right now simply because they were reinvented and, you can easily find it for almost every taste and budget.

No matter what trend catches your eye, Casagear has the right pieces you need to create a look you love. Shop home decor & furniture that suits your interior style, or material, finish, and more to seek out your perfect matches.

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