Halloween Home Decor 2020: Adorn Your Outdoors in Festive Spooky Spirit!

Halloween Decor

Halloween is around the corner, but if you haven't gotten around to decorating just yet, don't worry! you'll still make your home festive enough for the vacation. Whether you’re planning a festive party, hosting trick-or-treaters, or getting your house within the Halloween spirit, you would like just perfect decoration.

No matter the theme or style of your home, you’ll find easy decor ideas for every room. Once you have your style picked out, look for an enticing collection of decor accessories in our Halloween-inspired collection at Casagear. To help with your planning, we’ve compiled 10 Halloween decorations, from unique pumpkin accessories to festive food containers to scary set-ups for your home.

Serving Trays to Serve Your Guests in Style!

Eugenie Nickel Tray

If you'd like to impress your family and friends when it comes to your dinner party, then getting the right tableware is ideal. Whether you're keen on to host tea parties and lunches or stay as a loner, a serving tray is of immense importance. There's no limit to stuff you can serve to your guests in a tray and there's no one size fits all when it involves the serving tray to shop for.

Any occasion, regardless of the scale, will greatly get pleasure from serving trays that are well-designed. Presenting them properly and attractively will entice your guests!

Bring the Greens Inside with Decorative Vases!

Contemporary Glass Vase with Marble Like Texture

Looking for the perfect table centerpiece? Why not use a decorative vase? They are an excellent way to immediately spruce up the look of your home.

Whether your home decor is modern or traditional, adding a natural element to it is key for providing fashion, comfort, and aesthetic appeal. If you are searching for decorative pieces that will bring a hint of color, vibrance, and style to a room, a vase with a lovely bunch of floral decorations is what you need. A room with flowers is alive and fresh.

Put on Eye-Catching Jack-O-Lanterns!

Spectacular Eddy Jack O Lantern Stand

When you think of classic outdoor Halloween decor, jack-o-lanterns are often more fun than frightening and are perfect for younger trick-or-treaters. They are also an excellent choice if you want to decorate with large-scale Halloween home decor but don't have much storage space.

These decorations are super compact and do not take up much space while efficiently enlivening the ambiance. Most jack-o-lanterns have built-in lights that keep them illuminated all night long.

Add Chic Charger Plates to Your Decor!

Sublime Glass Charger Plate

Decorative charger plates are quintessential outdoor Halloween decorations that are both cute and creepy. During the day, they typically look sweet and inviting, but at night, they can look magical & enticing.  

If you are looking for Halloween theme ideas for your home, hanging charger plates will make for the perfect spooky addition. Hang them in your yard and see how your plain decor transforms into a fashionable one!

Brighten Your Rooms Up with Beautiful Lights!

Artistically Designed Galaxy Decorative Balls in Iron

Decorative lights aren't just for the everyday decor! There are several types of Halloween-themed lights you can incorporate into your Halloween decor. They are incredible options for lighting up just about any space & wow the trick-n-treaters of your neighborhood.

Other than serving for the obvious, these lights can work wonders to wow your guests and accentuate the decor of your place to another level!

Scare the Creeps Out with Candleholders!

Scroll Design Metal Frame Vertical Wall Mounted Candle Holder Sconce

Candle holders have known to be the most popular decorative pieces for hundreds of years. They are both functional and fashionable, lowering fire risk while making the light more portable.  

When you think of classic Halloween decor, many items might come to mind, but decorative candle holders are the missing piece in the puzzle. They are perfect if you'd like to decorate your home in classic Halloween style. Moreover, they also give your space the perfect vintage vibe which makes it look scary good.

Make Your Interiors Look Spooky Yet Stylish!

Cotton Upholstered Skull Pillow with Polyester Filling

Another super simple way to incorporate Halloween decor into your setup is to interchange your existing throw pillows with Halloween-themed ones. This home decoration idea will make your sitting area look fun and welcoming instead of haunting.

If you merely have a pair of metal chairs in need of throw pillows, we recommend varying the patterns and motifs. Consider using solid-colored throw pillows if you are seeking a more modern look and if you are more of a casual party lover, layer pillows with patterns, text, or Halloween motifs as well.

Put Your Rustic Metal Seating to Focus!

Set of Two Metal Side Chairs with Distressed Rubbing Accents

Are you planning to increase the decor of your Halloween house with some fancy as well as durable furniture? Then simply go for the metal chairs, a good way to contribute towards the home improvement even after Halloween. Having metal chairs will be a good thing for you since they can provide a classic look for your room

Not only will these metal chairs amplify the aesthetic appeal of your room but will also provide ample seating, plenty of legroom, and comfort to your guests!

Keep the Party Going with Stylish Beverage Tubs!

Benzara Galvanized Beverage Tub With Handles

When we talk about a happening spooky celebration, keeping stuff organized is a real deal. Having a beverage tub is one good solution to the Halloween party to keep flowing smoothly, The main purpose of these tubs is to keep the beverages and other food items in good condition till they are served, however, with theme decorative pieces you can add an extra flair and make your drinks the highlight of the evening in no time!

Now that we showed you pretty much all of our favorite scary Halloween ideas, it’s time for you to pick your favorites and put up the best display that will leave your guests in awe. If you need more inspiration, you can grab a look at our exclusive Halloween theme collection at casagear.com!

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