Happy Customers’ Home Decor Stories Straight From the Casagear Store: Here’s What Our Clients Have to Say About Us

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There are very few moments in life that are more exciting and rewarding than buying a new home with your family, or even housewarming your newly rented apartment, setting a new stage in your life.

One of the best parts of moving into a new place is that we get to decorate and furnish our home to our heart’s content, every room exactly the way we want it, with the things that we love and adore, the style that fits our personality, and the beloved photos and decor that we have brought with us. There’s always a charm and beauty to moving somewhere new.

But do you know what excites our Casagear family the most? It’s when we’re able to help you, our amazing customers, bring the perfect furniture and decor to your interior in exactly the creative setup that suits your personality and household needs. 

For online furniture and home accessories, Casagear holds the perfect balance of aesthetics, variety, functionality, and fair, affordable prices. At Casagear, we are focused on providing virtually every type of interior style and product design in order to meet your preferences, no matter what they are.

From contemporary to vintage, sleek and simplistic to complex, monochrome or colorful, and compact to grandiose, we constantly search high and low for the best items in order to serve you with exactly what you want in an online furniture retailer. 

Best of all, we listen to your feedback— and we are hearing amazing things!

No matter what sort of home you have, an apartment, condo, a bungalow, or a house in the countryside, Casagear is here to provide you with valuable, expert insight to achieve your perfect decor look. 

We have a vast collection of best-in-class products that are hard to find elsewhere, especially when you’re trying to find home furniture online

We always keep stock on all kinds of items, from simple pieces such as wooden room dividers, bedside tables, decorative showpieces, and lighting, up to the absolute essentials such as couches, beds, full bedroom sets, dining room tables, outdoor patio sets, and more. 

We have exactly what you are looking for— and probably quite a few things you didn’t know you needed, too! 

We organize our site so that you can find exactly what you are looking for with ease, with specific areas on our page for dining sets, living room furnishings, bed and bath accessories, foyer and hallway basics, new arrivals, and so on! 

Here, you'll discover everything you need for any home setup, all with items that are community tested and beloved even by us here in the Casagear family! All of these features and our dedicated, hard work combine to make Casagear.com the premium choice for your online furniture shopping.

Thousands of amazing homeowners and renters are joining the Casagear community every month to get new ideas and customize their homes with a trustworthy, high quality online retailer— and everything gets delivered straight to your home!

Hear directly from our customers about their experiences using our premier website store and massive selection of amazing products to build their living spaces into everything they dreamed of and more.

Juliana - @jukiener

Wood Top Side Table with Mesh Shelf

Juliana set up her dining and living room with multiple pieces from our lineup to create a modern, simplistic, and absolutely adorable decorative area on our minimalist side table that sets the vibe beautifully as you walk into the room. And just look at that beautiful floral arrangement! Thanks for thinking of us, and we’re so happy to see this, Juliana!

Gemma - @ mamas_minions

2 Tier Square Galvanized Metal Corrugated Tray with Arched Handle

Okay, this one seriously takes the cake (or should we say, the apple) for the most adorable photo we’ve had the pleasure of receiving— just look at that smile! This customer photo shows one of our handy metal trays being used in Gemma’s kitchen to store fresh apples and bananas on the counter. What a great way to stay health conscious and have fun doing it! Thank you so much Gemma, it always brightens our day to see a happy family!

Tara - @live.love.shiplap

C-Shaped Side Table with Mesh Shelf

In terms of stunning interior decor, Tara is seriously an artist, or maybe a scientist— why not both! Look at that subtle, monochromatic neutral color scheme, accented with just a hint of green. These neutral tones look amazing in almost any interior setting, and the wood and leather are perfectly complementary. It just gives a warm appearance, doesn’t it? 

And right there, a staple of this specific corner, is our end table. Used just perfectly by Tara, with awesome decorations atop and around it. Thanks so much Tara, and we are glad to have such a talented decorator appreciating our stuff!

Denise - @ denisesalant

18.75 Inches Quatrefoil Metal Encased Accent Mirror

Yet another total artist on display, Denise sent in this simple yet incredibly unique tabletop decor setup, making a perfect display of subtle, complementary plant life. A cute cactus in a wooden pot with a bloomed rose right beside it gives the room a total desert decor appearance, with a hint of added plant life in the reflection of the mirror for added freshness and a natural appeal. 

Note in this photo how the scalloped, embellished mirror frame gives Denise’s tabletop that subtle aspect of dynamic movement and a unique geometry that simply wouldn’t be the same with a standard rectangular or square mirror. Now that's what I call attention to detail. Awesome look Denise, we love it!

Victoria - @ graceandgratitude18

Wooden Decorative Storage Box with Block Stripe Pattern

Victoria sent in this gorgeous, graceful decorative area for her beautifully healthy plant atop a sideboard cabinet. This setup gives a rustic yet highly refined, very clean appearance, with wood, fabric, wicker, wood beads, and of course, fresh, healthy plant life. The subtle details on the wood box and the beads, such as the color scheme and the clean lines on the box, are the things that make the setup stand out even more, drawing the eye of guests with interest and bringing a happy feeling to the area. 

This setup is a great example of our philosophy at Casagear; from the smallest things to the pure essentials, we want to provide you with that perfect decor style that will bring you joy for years to come. This exact kind of simple yet friendly and charming appearance that Victoria sent in is perfectly attainable in your home, too— all from our wide selection of sideboard cabinets, mirrors, and decorative display pieces such as those in Victoria’s warmly inviting living space depicted here. Thank you for this photo Victoria, we are proud to play a part in your home decor style!

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