Make This St. Valentine’s Day Special for Your Loved Ones with These Gift Ideas and Home Decor Style Tips

Valentine's Day Decor

St. Valentine's Day, celebrated on February 14, is not just a romantic date, but it’s also a wonderful opportunity to celebrate the people we love in our lives – to reach out to friends, family, spouse, or crushes, even your coworkers or classmates – and to have a festival, big or small, in appreciation of our love and romance for the people that we just can’t live without. 

While some people out there may believe that Valentine's Day is just another commercial holiday for the superstores to offer special sales on their flower bouquets, cards, and dark chocolates; Valentine's Day has deeper roots, and a very human heart. This February 14th, people all over the world are going to make the effort to celebrate their absolute favorite people. 

Yes, it’s that time of year again when adorable young couples will make cheesy declarations to their loved ones, for lovely older couples to reaffirm their love, and for friend groups to get together for a movie date or a nice meal together. Valentine’s Day is just around the corner, and whether you’re looking to bring some heartfelt and classy decor items to your home for a get together or a date night, or you’re searching for a meaningful gift for someone special that will surpass their expectations, you’ve come to the right place. Wear your heart on your sleeve and celebrate with our Valentine’s Day home decor ideas that are sure to be impressive gifts. Use our special code LOVE06 to get an extra 6% off on a selective range of items.

Hosting Guests? Let’s Start with Some Front Door Feng Shui

So, someone’s coming over to your home, maybe it’s that special person, maybe it’s your friends group, or maybe it’s a bit of family coming by for dinner. Whoever you are celebrating, let’s be sure to give them a welcome, warm, and festive first impression. A fun fact for you: in Feng Shui, the foyer or entryway is also described as the "mouth of chi," in other words, the entrance for energy to come into your home. Make sure that the energy entering your home is bright and positive, not only today, but into the future, too.

A well defined and aesthetic entrance to your home will encourage good chi, or energy, when you or your guests enter. If you can harmoniously arrange your front door, it will increase the overall energy in your home, and, some say, it will bring wealth, love, and happiness.

Heart Shape Decorative Hanging Silhouette

NEW -Scrolled RED Heart-Decorative Hanging Silhouette

An absolutely perfect decoration for your indoor Valentine’s Day dates or get-togethers, these beautiful, hanging heart shaped ornaments are a perfectly festive fit in your front door or the entryway of your house. A beautiful V-Day decoration inside or outside, Enrich your holiday decor by displaying these on the walls or hanging from posts, trees, or entryways. Bring out this ornament every February 14th when you’re feeling romantic and fun.

Some Exclusively Designed Art Decor to Brighten Up your Home or your Loved Ones’

You can surely start decorating your home at any point of time, but during the festivities leading up to this special holiday, the amount of decoration will reach newer heights. And we say, go all out. You only get to celebrate this holiday, this year, one time. Make the most of it. 

During your Valentine’s week, you will find that more and more people are interested in decorating their homes and on the lookout for unique pieces and furnishing ideas. As Valentine's week is an annual event, everybody tends to build upon ideas they see from others, going all out to fill their homes with festive ornaments and artistically crafted pieces. With so many home decor styles to choose from, how about we give you some options that will not only be unique pieces for your personal decoration, but also awesome pieces to give as gifts, too.

Wire Star Sculpture in Black and Gold

Wire Star Sculpture with Accented joints

Adorn any tabletop, counter, or clear display cabinet with this aesthetically designed 3D wire star. Durably constructed from iron, this geometric style decor is accented in a stunning and elegant gold shade trim on the edges for a striking and eye-catching look. Brings charm and class to your display table or other side tables, but also works as a lovely gift.

Artistically Designed Galaxy Decorative Ball Ornaments

Artistically Designed Galaxy Decorative Balls in Iron

Update your living room or entrance with this artistically made openwork galaxy ball statuette. Made of iron, these geometric star-like planetary ornaments will make perfect accent pieces for any tabletop, mantlepiece, sideboard, or counter in your hallway, dining, or living room spaces. Assorted in three different sizes and featuring the same gorgeous antique gold finish, this statuary set can be used separately or together with any theme of interior. This set is not only beautiful, but also versatile. Can be used to liven up decor for almost any holiday, or even as a staple set to bring a room together.

9-inch Eiffel Tower Accent Decoration

9 inch Cast Iron Eiffel Tower Accent Decor with Cutouts

Increase the artistic aesthetic of your living space by bringing in this well designed and sophisticated accent decor Eiffel Tower piece. Pay homage to France, the romantic capital of the world, and showcase this enchanting bronze finished cast iron Eiffel Tower with cutout details that add a realistic touch to the piece, making it ideal for both decorative and gifting purposes. Once again, while this romantic little piece of France is a perfect accent for V-Day, it’s also a great gift option or a staple decor for any occasion.

St. Valentine’s Day Flowers are a Special Gift, and They’re Best Kept in a Romantic Vase

Vases are a classic piece of decor that go back centuries, actually having many purposes. Today, the most aesthetic and common way to pair a vase in a room is to fill it with gorgeous flowers. Now, get this idea: if you gift your special person with some flowers for this holiday, why not go all the way and get them a great flower vase as well. In fact, while the flowers will be impressive and stunning, the vase will last much longer, and serve to always remind your loved one of your thoughtfulness and your act of love this time of year.

10-inch Frosted Face Sculpture Glass Vase

10 inch Frosted Face Sculpture Glass Vase

Complement a bouquet of flowers and your other home decor with this unique contemporary style vase. It is meticulously crafted from glass in a pink finish, and it can turn any boring space into an interesting one. Incorporating an artistically carved abstract style human face, it is made to be placed on a tabletop or mantlepiece. Matches beautifully with pink, red, white, purple, or yellow flowers.

Embossed Surface Ceramic Vase

Ceramic Vase with Embossed Surface and Rounded Bottom Base

Add a pop of color to your setting by adding this attractive and romantic red embossed ceramic vase. This perfect Valentine’s Day vase is accented with an embossed textured surface along with a rounded bottom and elongated neck to accentuate the flowers placed within. Adorn it on any dining table, countertop, or mantle with beautiful flower arrangements or simply as a decorative accent piece. Gift this item filled with a bouquet of flowers to show the special thoughtfulness you put into your loved one’s gift this year.

The Most Romantic Valentine’s Gifts are the Ones That Leave a Lasting Impression

Whenever you think of a special occasion, one thing that instantly runs through your mind is gifts and gestures. There are many ways to express your deepest feelings and that can happen even with the simplest of acts, where it will not only turn out to be an emotional moment for the person on the receiving end, but it will also be a heartfelt experience for you, the gift giver, too. Here are a couple of our unique gifting ideas to shower your loved ones with.

Set of 3 of Sky Blue Wooden Candleholder Pedestals

Wooden Candleholder with Turned Pedestal Base

Increase the aesthetics of your interior with the introduction of this rustic and homey aesthetic candle-holding pedestals, available as a set of 3, each in a different size. Exemplifying a great deal of artistic craftsmanship with their turned pedestal base designs, the spacious round top can accommodate a variety of tealight, votive, and larger free standing candles with ease. A great gift or piece for your bedroom, living room, or hall.

9-inch Polyresin Engraved Jewelry Box

Polyresin Frame Lidded Jewelry Box

This beautiful engraved jewelry box is one of our most coveted and beautiful Valentine gift pieces on the list this year. With intricate and sophisticated floral accents along the sides of the box, give a home to the precious jewelry of your loved one with this stunning classic modern style jewelry box. Crafted from polyresin and fitted with a pull-away lid, the piece is accented in a golden finish, emanating class, sophistication, and beauty all at once. Perfect for the person in your life who loves to care for themselves and appreciates their sense of style and beauty.

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