March 2023 Product Testimonials Showcase from You, Our Fans!

Casagear Testimonials

At Casagear, our most cherished goal is to provide you, our customers and fans, with the highest quality products that not only meet your needs but exceed your expectations. We take pride in offering superior customer service, industry-leading expertise, and top-notch products.

That's why these posts-- the ones where we get to showcase the amazing feedback and reviews that you have given us, are our favorites! Read on to see some real photos of the amazing ways that our audience has used our products to stylize their home and create a special atmosphere!

Now, our customers have been raving about our products for years, sharing stories of how they’ve improved their lives. From the simple to the complex, our beloved products are helping people enjoy the little things in their homes and make life just a little bit more pleasant one step at a time. This is why we love showing you off! If any of these posts inspire you, we would love to see some of the ways you have used our products in your home!

#1 Amberly - @justbeinamby

24 Inch Acacia Wood Accent Cabinet Chest

New Year, New Casagear Furniture! I added the 24’ Acacia Wood Cabinet Chest to my home. It’s so perfect for the entertainment room”

Wow, Amberly! We have got to say, we love this piece for you! Everything in that photo is classy and fun! With simple decorations and you looking happier than ever-- what a moment! Thank you for brightening up our office with this wonderful post!

#2 Barbara - @Barbarabraga85

31 Inch Modern Bar Height Chair

One brother will always be better than a thousand friends.’ They’re lucky to have each other! Love these two so much! Slide to see more pictures of my new chairs from @casagear_usa. They have amazing products and I am so happy with my upgrade.”
What an adorable photo! We couldn't agree with you more, Barbara, brotherly love is something special! Our gorgeous leather upholstered barstool chairs look absolutely stunning beside your kitchen island. The tan brown and black tones with your nearly all-white kitchen backdrop-- classy and modern indeed! Show us more anytime!

#3 Brooke -

18,16 Inch 2 Piece Grain Guitar Pick Style Nesting Side Table Set

I was recently sent these gorgeous nesting tables from @casagear_usa and I absolutely LOVE them. This two-piece wooden guitar pick set is a true statement piece for your home. It is the perfect accent for a living room, lounge, den, or office. Perfect when you need to create extra space to entertain guests! You can use them as a side table, end table, or accent table for placing decor, photos, and easy-to-reach items”

Hey Brooke! This is an awesome share from you! We personally have a special place in our hearts for this nesting side table set, too! With simple lines and a smooth guitar pick shape, it's hard to beat. Thank you so much for taking the time to show us off, we're happy to hear from you!

#4 Dany - @Cantinhonoseua

Distressed Mango Wood Coffee Table in Round Shape”Happy Monday. My living room is almost the way I planned it. I want to show you this gorgeous Distressed Mango Wood Coffee Table in Round Shape by @theurbanport I got from @casagear_usa. It's so adorable. Do you like it?”

Adorable, indeed! Thanks for showing this one off Dany; we love the clean round silhouette and platform look of this one. It fits right in with the contemporary decor and brings an ever-so-subtle rustic touch along with it. Please share more with us any time Dany!

#5 Jen and Roy -

Zoe 30 Inch Modern Classic Round Metal Coffee Table with Pedestal Base

Saturday morning vibes. ️ Here for the sunshine in the morning… This renovated space is my favorite in the whole home. Do you have a favorite space in your home? The gold table is from @casagear_usa

We're so happy to be a part of your favorite space at home, Jen and Roy! Having a favorite room to enjoy the day is truly a gift, especially on a sunshiny Saturday morning! Thanks for including us in this post and feel free to share more any time, we love to see it!

We are so grateful for these wonderful reviews and testimonials about our products. We truly appreciate the time and effort you took to share your positive experiences with us.

Your experiences inspire us to continue innovating, creating, and providing the highest quality products for our customers. We strive every day to make sure that your experience with our products is absolutely amazing. We believe in providing the best service and products, and it makes us so happy to hear that we have achieved that goal!

 We thank you again for being an important part of our community and for your kind words about our products! Your reviews are a valuable asset to us, as we use them to help us grow and improve. We value your feedback, so please feel free to let us know how we can continue making our products even better. Thank you for being a part of our success!

To learn more, check out our Facebook and Instagram and stay updated on our deals, discounts, and amazing offers! Cheers!

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