• Benzara 33" Metal Music Wall decor with Unique Intricate Detailing

33 Inch Metal Music Wall decor By Benzara

$25.51 $28.58



  • Best quality iron
  • Unique design
  • Highly durable
  • Elegance of its own
  • 33" Width
A lover of music would love to own art that will make his love for music known to the world. It is no wonder that you would often come across musical instruments related showpieces in a music lover’s home. Any music lover would surely not want to miss out on this one. Made out of the best quality of iron, this metal wall music decor is highly durable. It will last well in the long run and will surely make you proud of owning it. It has a unique design which emphasizes on the syllables of music and will surely show your guests how fond of music you are. It has an elegance of its own and will surely stand out compared to the other pieces of art that you own. It can make any plain wall background come alive with its ‘musical chords’. It comes with a dimension of 33" W
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