• Artistically Victorian Table Lamp by Chloe Lighting

Artistically Victorian Table Lamp by Chloe Lighting

$157.53 $214.36 ( 27% off )


  • Victorian Table Lamp dimensions: 22 inches (L) x 22 inches (W) x 13 inches (H)
  • Weight: 14 pounds
  • Color: Assorted

Want a table lamp that is grand but easy on the eye? Want a table lamp that will capture the hearts of all your guests not to mention yours? Well, search no further because this Victorian double lit table lamp will help you achieve all that. With a shade made out of glass: the lamp is a profusion of colors with off white in prominence. It has room for three bulbs, of which on is candelabra. It also has an exquisite mid section that is heavily designed and has a personality of its own.

All who see this table lamp will be impressed by the simplicity of colors and designs it so brilliantly carries off. Conversations will start and complements will flood in your way. Plus, it has been made using quality materials; this gives it a long life. Indeed, this table lamp that has art imbibed in its design.


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