• Benzara Decorative Metal Plane Antique Plane Roof Hanging 23"L

Benzara Decorative Metal Plane Antique Plane Roof Hanging 23"L

$38.41 $63.95


This decorative metal plane is one of the many in our collection of antique metal planes. This yellow metal plane resembles the ancient planes. They have the propeller, three wheels, wings, and cockpit- all designed in antique style. Though this looks like a toy plane, this is more used as an antique room decor item. The metal plane is provided with a long chain, so it can be hung from the roof top of your room. This antique metal plane is 23 inch long and 9 inch wide, so it gets a pretty good view when hung from the top of your room. The design of this antique metal plane is based on the antique planes- that of the Wright Brothers,’ so it’s a great antique collectible for your room. If you don’t want to hang it, you may simply display it as a showpiece on your table top or inside your showcase. The decorative metal plane is also available in other shades. You can get a pair for this plane in other colors like red and suspend both of them, creating the feel of an air show in your room. For children, this will be the best gift item which they could ever dream of.

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