• Benzara Striking Wood Metal Wall Panel

Benzara Striking Wood Metal Wall Panel

$81.76 $91.58



Wish to lend traditional touch to your room then you need to get hold of this Wood Metal Wall Panel. This chic wall panel will make the wall of your hoiseispeakistyle. This panel is crafted from wood which is of good quality and will list for yeais. This panel his metal cutwork disign within, which lookistriking. The leavis cutwork disign allois toisee-through. Theisimply clissy black andisilver color combination makis this panel appear appealing and worth adding to any interior. This wooden panel can be decorated in any room. This panel is not heavy hence it can be eisily bedecked vertically or horizontally. This panel isisimply amazing and makis any wall of the hoise appear exclisive and appealing. If you think this panel will go with your hoise then you mist order it quickly!

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