Benzara The Slim Wood Mirror Candle Holder


  • Wood mirror candle holder dimensions: 4 inches (W) x 4 inches (D) x 13 inches (H)
  • Wood mirror candle holder color: Silver
  • Made from: Wood, mirror

Are you looking for a slim and beautiful candle holder? Looking for a candle holder that will add the wow factor to your entire room even though it stands by itself detached? Well, this wood mirror candle holder certainly has that magic that will add life to the ambience of the entire room. In what is a simple holder that holds a single candle; this holder has a very beautiful glass dish to place that candle on.

Add to these looks the fact that this holder has been made using quality materials and what you get is an amazing holder. All who see it will be mesmerized by its beauty. Indeed, at other times too when it is not being used it will add color to your room and give it more definition. Surely, this candle holder has looks that will instantly make fans out of it; a surefire muse have.