• Woodland Imports Costume Armor Helmet Roman Imperial Italic

Woodland Imports Costume Armor Helmet Roman Imperial Italic

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700 years was the span of the Roman Empire and saw several major changes in the design of the outfit of its soldiers. In the 3rd century, just outside the Italian peninsula, the factions within the Roman army wore armor helmet to protect their heads. This armor helmet was more rounded and had a single red plume coming out from the back of the armor helmet. After the Marius Reforms in 106 BC, the Imperial Roman armies began to have a more unified form of helmet and came to be known as the Roman Trooper Helmet or some would call Roman Imperial Italic. As an outfit or costume, this helmet features the back neck and ear protection. It also had the lip on the front of the armor helmet for stronger facial protection. This makes one of the prettiest helmet for any Roman Empire costume or outfit. Important Features: _ Size : 11_ _ Finish : Chrome and Gold _ Material : -

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