• Farm Themed PS Hen

Farm Themed PS Hen

$20.54 $26.45



Showcase your love for hens by bringing home this hen figurine. Well made from quality materials it promises to be in shipshape condition for years. This hen figurine is well detailed and has an off-white finish. The brown accents on it give it a periodical look. The round base gives good support to the figurine which you can keep anywhere you wish. Make it a part of the side, center ort corner table. You can also use it as a garden decor if you wish to make that place a little interesting. This statue can also become an interesting conversation starter in your farmhouse if you own one.

Hen lovers will definitely spare sometime to have a look at it. You can eventually present it to them on special occasions. It would be one such gift which they would treasure for sure. So, out an end to your thoughts and get hold of this hen figurine.


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