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  • Fiera Kiwi 13 foot fabric hammock by Alogma

Fiera Kiwi 13 foot fabric hammock by Algoma

$93.96 $127.86

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  • Hammock bed size: 55 inch (W) x 82 inch (L)
  • Made of polyester fabric
  • Weight Capacity 300 lbs.

This is a beautifully colored hammock, and its simplicity lies in the fact that it is colored wholly like the inside of a Kiwi fruit?deep green. This single color gives it a mesmerizing feel, and under lights at night it is sight to behold. It is specially made for two persons: you may either enjoy your loved one?s company, or tell stories to your beautiful child. This hammock is made of special weather resistant spun polyester fabric which gives it a long life.

It is easy to clean, and its simple construction ensures there is almost no maintenance. Gaze at the stars, see the constellations during nights, or day dream pusing all your worries aside. Yes, this hammock will give you the comfort which will give you strength to subjudicate worries. If you are a contemplative sort of person, this hammock is specially made for you.

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