• Francisco Desk - Mission Oak

Francisco Desk - Mission Oak

$271.16 $538.32 ( 50% off )


  • This desk measures 45 inch (Width) x23.75 inch (D) x35.5 inch (H)
  • Antique bronze "knocker" handles
  • Pull out keyboard tray

Description :

This desk with a hutch has a drawer on either side for small knick-knacks and three cubby spaces in the center for small desk top items. With this desk, you can very conveniently work on your laptop or computer. You can make your house glow and make it more interesting. The pullout keyboard tray allows you to keep your keyboard and use it whenever necessary. The stylish bronze knocker handles which the drawers in this desk have, make it look more beautiful.You can keep a vase or other showpiece on the hutch of this desk.  You must have seen such desks in museums and exhibitions and must have always wished to get one home. Well, now you have the opportunity to get it home and make good use of it. It will end help you do all your work easily.  So fulfill your long lasting wish by bringing home this utility desk with drawers.


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