• Incredible Journey Tall Vase

Incredible Journey Tall Vase

$46.61 $52.21



Inspired from the US culture, this tall vase will transform the look of tabletops and countertops just with its presence. Made from good quality ceramic, it will remain in shipshape condition for a long period of time. This vase is in the shape of antique beer bottle. In a grey glossy finish, the vase features the print of the famous ?Statue of Liberty? at the center in black. A crowd puller by itself, adorn it inside shelves or on tables. Guests and others paying you a visit will go wow at the sight of this vase and compliment you for bringing it home.Well shaped it has a broad body and a narrow neck. You can also keep in dry flower stems for a dramatic look. Keeping it in the library or on the desk at your office would be a smart option. So, it is time to complete the look of the sitting area, by making this vase a part of it.


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