• Smartly Styled 11' Cotton Rope Hammock by Alogma

Smartly Styled 11' Cotton Rope Hammock by Algoma

$54.60 $74.31


  • This 11 cotton rope hammock measures 52"W x 76"L
  • Weight: 11.0 lbs
  • 100% cotton fabric

Spend your afternoon with the nature, with this hammock that is made of pure and soft cotton ropes. This hammock is durable and just need to be tied to a pole and tree. You can indeed have a comfortable afternoon nap on this hammock. Apart from resting, you can read your favorite novel, gaze the sky and the birds flying around lying on this hammock.

Maintaining this hammock is very simply and can be done by washing it. Also, you can remove it and fold it when it is not in use. Apart from using this hammock outside your house, you can also carry it along while travelling. If you are on a holiday trip with family, simply take this hammock along. It will indeed help you spend your holiday in a fine and comfortable manner. So, if you find this hammock very useful and cozy, get it today itself.

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