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  • Tabletoke-Ii Digital Karaoke Mixer Wireless Mics & Bluetooth Receiver

Tabletoke-Ii Digital Karaoke Mixer Wireless Mics & Bluetooth Receiver

$154.36 $179.83

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  • Two Wireless Microphones Operate in The License-Free 2.4GHz Band For Reliable Transmission
  • New Vocal Eliminator Function to Reduce Vocals on Non-Karaoke Tracks
  • MPX Function Removes Vocals on Songs With Multi Audio Tracks

  • Description:

    Thinking of adding entertainment to your party? How about karaoke? VICORP's Tableted-II is the easiest and least expensive karaoke add-on for your sound system. The Tableted-II is a new generation karaoke mixer boasting two digital wireless microphones. So all you need for a karaoke party is an internet enabled smart device and any sound system or portable speaker with an AUX input! Just connect the smart device to the Tableted-II via Bluetooth, patch in your sound system with the included cables and you're ready to sing thousands of karaoke tracks straight from the internet! Or choose from one of the many karaoke apps available on the app market. Your smart device will be the monitor to read lyrics and your vocals will be mixed with the music audio and heard through the speaker. We've improved this system from the first version of the popular Tableted by giving it a visual display and a better remote control, making this the easiest to use karaoke add-on! So take your house party to the next level with VICORP's Tableted-II. Your guests will be clamoring for more!
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